Top 5 Healthy Green Tea Brands Available to Buy in India (2018)

Today when we live in the Advance Generation stage, where everyone somehow participates in the race of getting fit looks younger and healthy. Not in India only almost every nation today start the day with a cup of their favorite brew, i.e., tea. Apart from that, it is also a favorite and traditional offering to welcome guests. Most of the family like to enjoy their evening time with refreshing tea. However, now time change traditional tea replace with healthy tea – Green tea. Today, tea not only drink to make your mind refreshing it take as detox partner. So many Green tea version available in the market according to focus on their targeted audience. Moreover, now this Green tea somewhere replace the regular version of milk tea.

Until now popular in Japan and China Green-tea is slowly finding favor in the lives of such people. Known for its detox and oxidation nature Green-tea’s benefits include weight loss, reducing bad cholesterol, fighting diseases like throat infection enhanced memory and aid in quitting smoking.
However, the fact that when people choose green-tea, they get confused about taking the right choice. Most of the time they get confused in the market which green tea they need to add in their cart.



So, Here We bring to you “India Best top 5 healthy green tea brands.”

1) Organic India

PRICE RS 230 (100MG)

Organic India Capture Indian Market with a motto of providing quality products. Their slogan so far has been to provide customer or targeted people with quality green tea that is capable of delivering them maximum health benefits. Organic India offers green tea in bags as well as in loose tea leaves form.

Flavors available in the market-
Earl Grey, lemon ginger, pomegranate, and jasmine.

Where to buy: Organic Green Tea can be purchased from any retail store and their webshop as well.

Most of the people not like the taste of Organic India Green Tea because of tulsi flavor. Because of which mostly customer think twice about buying it.

2) Twigees Green Tea Sticks

Green Tea.2
image source google images Green-Tea


Yes, you listen to correct Green tea sticks. Twigees came into the market with a new concept of Green-tea. They offer Green-tea in the sticks having little pores. This green tea is capturing the market slowly but once who taste the flavor of the twigees green tea. Add it to his preference list.
This green tea especially focuses on slimming, or we say the motto of Twigees is – Stay healthy stay fit lose your extra inch.
Some bloggers also mention twigees green tea as a Slimming tea. Moreover, some people experience the real taste of pure green tea first time in India. Hence it becomes one of the best green tea for weight loss.
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Flavors available in the market-
English Breakfast, Kashmiri khawa, lemon green tea, green-tea, super herbal and masala chai.

Where to buy:: Twigees Green Tea sticks can be purchased from any online platform, retailer store, and their webshop as well.
* I order it from 1mg at extra discount. So really feel the refreshing flavor of this Green-tea.

Drawback: Not found yet. Please comment me once you experienced.


3) Typhoon green Tea

Green Tea.3
image source google images Green-Tea


Typhoon Green-Tea – A well known UK brand Apeejay Surendra Group acquired Typhoon in the year 2005. This brand came into the market with the concept of offering green-tea without artificial flavors, preservatives, and sugar. Typhoon provides a wealth of experience of taste and well being together. { health is wealth}

Flavors Available in the market :
Jasmine, Moroccan Mint, and Lemongrass.
Morning cup of Typhoo Green-tea help customers of maintaining their exhilarating day. Its tastes so good, For better result Typhoon Green-tea can be a drink alternative for the fitness conscious.

Budget: costly not fit in everyone cart.
Taste: Most of the people not like the taste.


4) Twining Green Tea

Green Tea.4
image source google images Green-Tea


Another UK brand Twinings has been in the tea industry since the year 1706. Like its other types, Twinings green-tea has its flavors extracted from natural fruits.
Drinking green tea these days became a tradition which replaces the regular milk tea and coffee. Most of the people avoiding a heavy beverage like a milk tea or coffee because they want to maintain them self-fit and healthy as well as cut the extra caffeine from their diet. Twining mentions the nutritional constituency of each of its tea on the back of its pack.

Flavors Available in the market :
tastes like lemon, jasmine, Cranberry, Pomegranate, mint, and ginger.
Most of the Twining Green-tea lover go with mint flavor because of its refreshing and light taste which has been known to be pretty useful on upset tummies.

Where to buy: Organic Green-Tea can be purchased from any retail store and their webshop as well.

Drawback : Budget: costly not fit in everyone cart.


5) Lipton Green Tea

Green Tea.5
image source google images Green-Tea


Till now Lipton was only targeting the traditional tea market, but now they have also made a foray into the green-tea segment. Avidly advertised with renowned Bollywood celebrities promoting it Lipton green-tea is finally here to make an impact.

The only difference that Lipton has with other brands is the fact that their flavors are multiple and entirely different than the rest. So you have Matcha green tea, Orange passion fruit Jasmine, Purple Acai Blueberry, Red Goji Raspberry, etc.

These flavors though unique may not suit everyone’s taste palette hence it is imperative to choose much thought.

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